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‘We’re in ‘a war’ – SMEs Need 10 Billion Government Support’

Global economies are struggling to understand how best to restart after the coronavirus lockdown and in particular how they support the engine of every economy – SME’s.

Who better to give his take on Ireland’s best way forward than someone who was in the government cockpit in the last recession?

Proud Limerick man John Moran believes up to 10 billion Euro will be needed to adequately help the SME sector get back on its feet.

Praising local communities for their neighbourly spirit to help local businesses, like the Lean On Me initiative in his native Limerick, featured here previously, the Munster man says these efforts now need to be backed up by government intervention.

The new programme for government has been unveiled and the coalition parties are now looking to get their grassroots to back the document.

It will be two weeks before that’s greenlighted (assuming it is🀞) and Moran is concerned that with every passing week, the danger for SME’s grows.

Failure to prioritise this sector in the weeks ahead doesn’t bear thinking about says the Limerickman.

In an interview with he gave us his take on where we are now, and what’s needed to secure the future of local businesses.

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