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Restaurant Wipeout – 50% facing closure

If you run a restaurant you know this already. If you like eating out you probably suspect this already.

For the Irish restaurant sector, a 50% staff layoff is inevitable unless they receive supports, and in the long run, they estimate that almost 50% of restaurant businesses “will struggle and shut their doors if the Government do not intervene.”

That’s the stark warning from the Restaurants Association of Ireland which is calling for an emergency grant aid package, otherwise the sector will be decimated.

The hospitality sector is just one of the groups in the Irish economy waiting for a new government

Making social distancing work to turn your available space into a viable business in the post Covid 19 world is just one of the issues facing businesses on the main streets of Ireland.

Then there is the issue of when will normal footfall return and will the same demand be there from July onwards.

This is a weekend snapshot from Ireland’s capital city.

The same eerie photo could have been taken in any other town around the country.

If the Programme For Government fails to get signed off by the political parties in the coming week and work on properly restarting the Irish economy is further delayed, who knows where the country will end up.