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Peter Mark raises eyebrows with €60 surplus charge for DIY hair jobs

How much are you prepared to pay for your first post Covid 19 hairdo?

One of the issues for business owners is how to return to a viable business model after the lockdown and how to bring your customers with you.

An example of the challenges in prospect is underlined by the case of one of Ireland’s leading hair salon chains.

Angry customers have taken to Twitter and Facebook in outrage after the Peter Mark group announced they may charge an extra €60 for their services after lockdown.

The salon has advised customers that individuals with more than 2cm of root regrowth, significant colour fade or if they used home hair dyes during the pandemic then they could face extra charges.

The award-winning salon introduced their new pricetags by addressing the possibility of extra services to customers with root growth, patchy or uneven colour and faded hair,

“To adjust for the time that has elapsed since your last salon service our teams may need to perform one of three technical applications. These are to address long regrowth, uneven or patchy colour and hair that has faded. These additional technical services may require a longer appointment time and should be factored into your salon visit.”

The salon justified it’s decision in a Facebook post outlining the details of the new add-on services:

“Colour Extend-It is likely that your regrowth is now too long for your usual colour application method and you may require our Colour Extend Service. A long regrowth is described as any regrowth that is 2 cm or longer. The average rate of growth is approximately 1 cm per month therefore if it is more than 8 weeks since the tint was last done we would treat this as a long regrowth service.

“Colour Detox- We understand that some of our clients may have chosen to apply colour themselves at home and we now recommend our Colour Detox service. This service will eliminate patchy uneven results, unwanted dark tones. A Colour Detox service will ensure a consistent result and add shine and vitality.

“Colour Restore- Some of our clients may feel that their colour has faded and is dull and lifeless so we now recommend our Colour Restore Service. Due to several factors, your hair fades at different rates. Sensitised porous hair will fade at a quicker rate than hair in good conditioned. This can leave you with a dull and uneven colour. If your hair currently is two or more levels lighter than your desired colour you will require a Colour Restore Service to improve and restore the condition & vitality of your hair.”

For anyone who has opted to graciously and patiently wait for salon doors to re-open at the detriment of 2cm re-growth, the salon believes you should pay an additional €45 minimum on top of the standard price.

Peter Marks release new price for as little as 2 cm regrowth

For those of you who’s hair has ‘faded’ due to no fault of your own, you will be looking at an extra €45 on top of the usual price of a colour also.

Peter Mark surcharge pf €45 for faded hair dyes

And for those of us who have opted to take matters into our own hands during the pandemic, we’re looking at an extra charge of as much as €60 for what the salon suggests will require a ‘colour detox service’.

Customers are furious with the salon’s decision to up prices for loyal customers due to no fault of their own. One customer commented on the hairdresser’s Facebook page:

“Wow and all this through no fault of yer loyal clients. This is where ye should be showing loyalty back to the clients that keep yer business open that pay the bills for ye. Shame on ye. I don’t avail or need yer services. I have my own salon. In fairness, a small increase would be accepted to cover PPE but 60 euro in the midst of a covid lockdown. Peter Mark’s have a rethink.”

Others have taken to Twitter to express their frustration for what feels like customers are being ‘penalised’ for a scenario totally out of their hands.

Others feared that the news would be an indicator of a possible trend to come once business re-open. Could the high demand after lockdown encourage inflation across other industries?

It might just be its time to start supporting local😏🤔