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Now down to business

Whatever about political views on the make up of the coalition, the fact that Ireland will finally have a new government to bring some stability to the economy, is being widely welcomed.

All three parties delivered the vote necessary to ratify the programme for government agreed between Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Greens.

First out of the starting blocks with the email ready to send were the Irish Business and Employers Confederation. (Ibec)

The group that represents Irish business, welcomed the announcement that the Programme for Government has been approved and that a new Government is set to be formed.  

Ibec CEO Danny McCoy said: “On behalf of the Irish business community, this is a very positive development providing the certainty, unity and stability required for these times. The presence of a strong, stable Executive is imperative if we are to effectively address collectively the many existing and emerging economic and societal issues facing the country. 

“However, the most immediate and urgent action for the new Government is to legislate for the ambitious and far reaching economic stimulus required to get people back to work and reboot business. 

“We wish the new Government well with the challenges ahead and look forward to engaging constructively with it in shaping a better and more sustainable future for Ireland.” 

We are hopefully at the start line of bouncing back from the Covid devastation.🤞🤞