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How one Galway shop modified their store for re-opening

Some business owners are considering whether it’s worth their while to re-open at all now that the Irish government has given the all clear for retailers to do so, and it can be a daunting prospect.

What measures do you need to put in place?

Can you make the numbers work?

How much damage was caused by the lockdown?

All key concerns for those in the retail sector.

One Galway shop which has re-opened their doors has shown how it can be done.

Located on Galway city’s Middle Street, Charlie Byrne’s bookshop is a treasure trove for anyone looking for a book to help get away from it all.

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Charlie Byrne’s bookstore interior Pic Twitter.com/Byrnesbooks

Older customers will be prioritised every day between 11.30 and 12.30 in Galway’s largest (and cosiest) Independent Bookshop, brimming with over 100,000 new, second-hand and bargain Books.

Like many around Ireland they are delighted to be back!

Great to see the lifeblood of the Irish economy resuming. Best of luck all!