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Dublin & London companies join forces to support SME’s

Dealing with the economic fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit in the months ahead, are just some of the issues facing Irish companies looking to trade with the UK, but a new partnership between London headquartered JONEX Global and Dublin based Ballywire Media (publisher of thebusinessy.news) is designed to help.

JONEX Global which helps business owners expand market outreach is now being supported by journalism backed content creator Ballywire to assist companies achieve their business goals.

JONEX Global Managing Director Victor Acharya says ‘We are very excited to enter this journey with Paul Collins & the talented team at Ballywire Media. Ballywire’s decades of experience & strength in journalism & marketing communications combined with the JONEX Global strategy and business development programme becomes a powerful offering for SME business owners wishing to grow their brands in domestic & foreign markets.’

JONEX Global CEO Victor Acharya

Having spent his career in major global enterprises, Acharya founded JONEX Global with a vision to help SME business owners overcome challenges in securing large enterprise accounts, navigate complex industry verticals, and differentiate their brand leading to consistent revenue growth.

The London based MD has over 28 years of experience in sales, business development, and strategy within multi-national organisations across aviation, hospitality, logistics, aerospace and financial services.

‘I was fortunate to learn & grow with strategy and business development within blue-chip organisations such as Emirates, Scandinavian Airlines, and Mastercard. I realised that these global enterprises had the financial clout & talent to grow their businesses exponentially. Small & Medium businesses I came across were undoubtedly successful in their own right and I wanted to help reinforce their brands to compete against the “big boys”.’

A chance meeting between Acharya and Ballywire CEO Paul Collins in London led to the development of the business partnership.

‘Prior to the lockdown Ballywire was looking at the London market for journalism backed services and after a number of meetings with Victor on the issue, it became apparent that combining both business offerings made for an incredible proposition. Having sales and marketing communications people in the same room as the decision makers can really simplify everything, resulting in time and cost efficiencies. With the world we are now in as companies look to bounce back from the lockdown these efficiencies will become even more important’ says Collins.

Ballywire CEO Paul Collins

Established before the last recession in 2007, Ballywire has worked with clients of all sizes at home and abroad to create content for their social media channels as well as engaging with existing and potential customers.

A founding member of the newsroom of Irish national radio station Today FM where he broadcast from 1997 to 2019, Tipperary native Collins founded multimedia content agency Ballywire in 2007.
The company has pioneered editorial video content for a global client base and Ballywire content appears regularly on broadcast tv, radio and digital channels, as well as in high profile public and corporate events, knowledge that Collins believes will be invaluable to business owners.

“If you appear on the internet today, you are being judged against global standards so how you communicate your message on all platforms and the techniques you use need to be best in class. We have case studies across finance, tech and business leadership to help inform a plan to achieve the business goals.” says Collins.

The JONEX Global boss believes the value proposition for business owners should be apparent.

‘Too often we are guilty of letting our business development activities operate in isolation to our brand infrastructure and our communications strategy. We bring strategy consulting and a comprehensive business development programme together especially for SMEs which no other consulting firm that we have come across offers. This service has always been traditionally offered by the big consulting firms like McKinsey, Accenture and KPMG with a hefty price tag. The team at JONEX Global brings a cumulative experience of over 60 years from global organisations but the offering is tailored specifically for Small & medium business owners.’.

And despite the events of the past months, Acharya is upbeat about the future.

‘The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our lives in ways unimaginable a few months ago. It has brought about heartache & tragedy for many both on personal & professional levels. However, the human spirit is resilient & I am optimistic that business will pick up steadily in a few months. Commerce will go on! Those that adapt to the new norms shall flourish.’.