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Different shopping experiences from today

So Ireland’s phase two of the exit from the Covid-19 lockdown commences today with the re-opening of the retail sector.

However shopping centres will have until June 15th to wait to implement social distancing measures.

Shoppers will become aware of the changed nature of the experience of nipping out to the shops framed by the guidelines issued by the National Standards Authority for the retail sector aimed at curbing any spread of the virus.

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The recommended strategy to minimise a spread – inside a retail premises includes:
• ceasing all self-service activities;
• cover/bag food that cannot be washed, e.g. bread;
• setting up screens/barriers at checkouts/desks/food counters where possible;
• encouraging use of card payment methods including contactless payment;
• close any in-store public eating areas;
• introduction of lane monitors to monitor and remind customers to maintain physical distancing;
• floor markings to highlight physical distancing requirement i.e. check-out areas, shop floor, butcher
counter, deli, etc;
• reduce customer numbers instore when shelf restocking is taking place or restrict customer
access to aisles/areas when restocking is taking place;
• regular public address announcements reminding customers to maintain physical distancing

One of the biggest changes to the experience will be queueing as store owners try to keep down customer numbers on their premises at any one time to facilitate social distancing.

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Get used to it folks!