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Online Sales Key To Your Future

Are you starting an online sales funnel for the first time ever due to the coronavirus lockdown?

Even if you are a seasoned online sales guru one thing is for certain, by the looks of things there’s no going back now and its a sales channel set to grow further into the future.

Consumers are more likely to continue shopping online for clothes, toys and electronic goods after Covid restrictions have been lifted according to new national survey conducted by Banking & Payment Federation Ireland (BPFI).

The survey, which looks at consumer’s current online shopping habits and how these might change post restrictions also found that Irish adults shopping for groceries, hardware and DIY products as well as newspapers and magazines are less likely to do so online once the restrictions are eased.

On average, the survey found that, Irish adults shop online 44 times a year with over one in three (35%) Irish adults claiming to shop online on at least a weekly basis. The survey shows that men shop online more frequently than women (50 times a year vs. 38 times a year), and Millennials (25-37 year olds) shop online more than any other age group.

Looking at how consumers who have shopped online expect their shopping habits to change after the current Covid restrictions have been lifted, some 31% are more likely to continue to shop online for clothing/sports goods and 26% are more likely to shop online for toys/games or films/music/books after the restrictions are lifted. By contrast, more than one in five of those who have shopped online for groceries, hardware/DIY or newspapers/magazines are less likely to shop online for these products.

The survey highlights that while both men and women claim they are more likely to continue to shop online for clothes, a higher proportion of men than women are more likely to shop online for games and films/books/music post restrictions.

Looking at behaviours across the various age groups, Millennials (25-37 year olds) and Gen X (38-53 year olds) are much more likely to continue to shop online for clothes and electronic goods post restrictions.

By contrast, those over 54 years of age are less likely to shop online in most categories with the exception of clothing/sports goods and films/books/music. However, even in those categories, no more than one in five are likely to shop more online.

Here’s a visual of the stats.

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If you haven’t got an online sales component – apply for those online vouchers asap!