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When Will The New Normal Kick In?

Economies across the globe are trying to work out what the return to the ‘new normal’ looks like. Even major sports events the world over involve many small businesses.

Restaurants near the grounds, bars near the stadia, and what to do after the match?

Hence the numbers attending games is the next big issues.

How comfortable would you be in attending a match involving your favorite sports team in the months ahead?

For the event organisers, in the absence of a vaccine, social distancing will remain and the likely shape of that impact on the bottom line of stadia around the world is underlined by a study undertaken by Nebraska headquartered architect and engineering firm DLR Group.

They maintain that some of the worlds greatest stadia will have to operate at only 1/5th capacity in the months ahead, if they can afford to do so.

You’ll see how it might work here, with social distancing, the blue seats give you plenty space, but the arena owners take a bit hit on crowd numbers.

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Is this how stadia in Dublin, Barcelona or Madrid will be populated for the forseeable future?

What will the set up in the pubs look like around these areas?

Brain shutting down for now?