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The Importance Of Routine Right Now

Testing times for us all. Keeping the head right is key for the sanity, those around us and to ensure we are primed to up the game when this craziness ends.

It’s good to step back and take soundings be it via spotify, phonecalls or good online talks to help us work all that out.

Someone who has known a lot of achievement and rejection in his life, not to mention huge success is The Terminator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Austrian actor, filmmaker, businessman, author, and former politician and professional bodybuilder, served as the 38th Governor of California from 2003 to 2011 but of late the man who coined the famous phrase ‘I’ll Be Back’ has become almost as famous for the pets that roam his home.

The Hollywood star also shared his thoughts on life and the importance of routine right now in an interview for a protein supplement supplier and sharing his pearls of wisdom is something he has also taken to doing on twitter.

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Interesting remarks from one of the world’s most famous actors, even if the production of the piece would fall some way short of the standards employed to make the many the movies he has acted in.

Nonetheless worth a squint. #mindset #motivation

Here’s a menu:

0:18 – What’s one ritual you practice/follow every day?
02:58 – Do you use rituals to help you achieve your goals?
06:55 – Who has insisted or influenced any of your rituals?
18:20 – What was a big setback in your life? What did you do to come back from it?
33:12 – Explain the concept of reps. How have “reps” helped you achieve success?
34:52 – When you’re feeling drained, what do you do to recharge?
43:45 – Do you have any rituals regarding using technology and social media?
46:35 – Do you have any surprising habits, rituals and routines?