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Government Urged To Involve Digital Lenders In Recovery Plan

Opening up the country safely again and trying to return to full economic health will be key objectives in the coming weeks and many businesses the world over looking at how they can pick up the pieces after the corona virus lockdown.

Will further supports be made available? What will the EU be doing to help and how will the banks operate once the dust settles?

A Dublin based finance company is suggesting that digital lenders such as Grid Finance and other non bank digital platforms should be included in the national plan given the speed at which they can turn around applications as compared to traditional banks.

Gary Grimes, CEO of GDG Business Finance based in Crumlin made his remarks in an interview for the inaugural My Business feature here on

It will be some weeks before there is full visibility of the range of supports available in Ireland to help businesses get back on track and even what the economic crater looks like but the finance company CEO reckons involving non bank lenders could speed everything up.