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Unprecedented Times – Let Us Know How You’re Doing

‘We have not witnessed a pandemic of this nature in living memory. This is unchartered territory.’ said Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in Washington on what is traditionally a week to celebrate our Irishness.

It was a statement that drove home how serious a few weeks lies ahead for the country.

The largest celebration of our identity, the New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade will like many such gatherings around the world not now go ahead in light of global developments.

The first time the event, which draws about 150,000 marchers and two million spectators, will not go on as planned in more than 250 years.

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it was “the worst public health crisis for a generation” and warned many families they would “lose loved ones before their time”.

Sports, cultural, business and social activities have all been curtailed in something never experienced before by this generation of humans, all of which seems to have been made worse by social media amplification of panic buying around the world.

What makes this all the more difficult to comprehend is that, this is not for example, a weather event, the snow will melt, things will return to normal.

We don’t know when ‘normal’ will return, or when the new ‘normal’ will kick in.

Many are getting used to the idea of remote working, and business owners are worried about when regular service can resume.

Gyms, restaurants, pubs the list is endless of those coping with their business and staff commitments and none of it can be easy or stress free. is aimed at providing a resource to share stories of business and a place to share knowledge to help each other.

As we will all be laptop based for the forseeable future please feel free to reach out and share the story of how you have modified your business or service in light of current events and let us know any measures you have put in place to help continue to service your customers.

We will also see if there is anyone we can put you in touch with if you need a hand.

We’ll get through this!

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Also let us know your skype address – love to have a chat.

The best of luck!

Paul Collins.