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Decode Your Email!

You are scanning through HOW many emails per day? When you get a chance to digest the contents of each individual message was there a hidden meaning there somewhere?

You are not alone if you think so!

Just because you’re paranoid
Don’t mean they’re not after you

Nirvana, “Territorial Pissings,” Nevermind (1991)

Twitter user Delia Paunescu kicked off an hilarious online thread by sharing her favourite example of corporate jargon. “‘I’m a little confused’ is by far my favorite – it’s absolute rage masked as a professional pleasantry,” she wrote, asking fellow users to share their own favourite “insufferable work gibberish phrases”.

Delia got over 97 thousand likes for her tweet and the thread is hilarious.

It provides the unvarnished truth your work colleagues would never share with you.

For example

Ever got one of these?

We’ve all been tempted to write one or other of these sentences.


And our favorite.

Have you ever included one of these messages?1

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