Surprise, Surprise! A GOOD Ryanair review!

They are one of the worlds most successful airlines in terms of profitability (the only real yardstick for success right?!) but less than 12 months after featuring in the TV show ‘Britain’s Most Hated Airline’ is Ryanair winning the PR battle?

New stats(admittedly supplied by the company) show that it’s customers are very happy with it’s services across the boarding, onboard and customer experience metrics.

A 95,000 strong survey sample in any sector could be considered a great breadth of opinion, but it’s still a relatively small number when you consider they carried 11.2 million passengers in December alone and around 155 million per year.

Given that international travel around Europe is now as cheap as getting a train anywhere in Ireland, the company can be lauded for revolutionising the airline industry and it’s a win/win if passenger experience is now becoming more of a priority.

Good man there Michael O’Leary, who will no doubt be using these figures in any future questions about the passenger experience!

A VG result for Ryanair on their customer experience according to new company supplied figures. PIc TBN Studio.