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Is Whatsapp Appropriate For Your Business?

Do you use messaging app Whatsapp for your business? Have you considered whether this might leave you exposed to action by customers or clients concerned about their privacy?

Sports stars are among members of the public finding out that once something is shared on the platform it has the capacity to be shared widely and rapidly.

Even tech billionaire Jeff Bezos found himself at the centre of allegations that he may have had his phone hacked over clicking on a link he was sent via a Whatsapp group.

The latest spotlight falls on the app from Croke Park where the GAA has gone as far as to issue clarification around the association’s stance on the platform after it emerged clubs in Laois could face action over sharing members personal details in group messages.

And the GAA position is abundantly clear ‘our position is outlined in our Social Medial Policy and supporting guidelines for GAA Clubs.

‘This policy has been in place since 2018, driven by the introduction of the GDPR.’ (Editors note: The EU’s new privacy laws with a good explanation here.)

The new laws were designed to enable citizens take greater control over the information businesses and organisations hold on them and it’s obvious Whatsapp comes up short, hence the GAA stance on the matter.

According to a statement from the GAA ‘Clubs, like all data controllers, need to ensure and promote compliance with data protection legislation including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act.’

Worth considering if you are engaging with your customers on the platform.

Might be time to consider an alternative as not everyone is as fortunate to have a similar fallback position as Croke Park.

‘The GAA already has a GDPR compliant communications mechanism through its Games Management System, which enables multi-channel communications via email, SMS and in-app messaging. The GAA’s position on the use of direct messaging apps applies to official communications and correspondence and not to a member’s own personal use.’

Might be a timely reminder for all of us, or those using Whatsapp to avoid for business purposes.

Your welcome! Found any Whatsapp alternatives to communicate with customers? Let us know here!