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Artificial Intelligence – All You Need to Know.

So much of what we watched on Sci Fi shows on TV growing up is now a reality. While Captain Kirk’s flip communicator influenced previous mobile phone designs, thankfully we haven’t seen Artificial Intelligence Armageddon of the type featured in the Terminator franchise.

Rise of The Machines starring Arnold Schwarzenegger hopefully we are not looking at a similar occurence any time soon!

One thing is for certain though Artificial Intelligence will make even more of an impact on our lives from now on.

Like any new technology we can rightly ask what does it all mean? Are there any opportunities and what are the threats?

As it happens the government of Finland is here to help.

The Finns have introduced a free online crash course in artificial intelligence with the aim of educating its citizens about the new technology and now the six week program has been made available for anyone to take and will eventually be translated into all EU languages.

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If you have any passing interest in AI or if your boss asks you to upskill check out the website. You’re welcome!